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Scene 30 - It All Kicks Off: Page 372
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20121104 - And the news is ...
I'm pregnant! I'm just over halfway in the pregnancy, so, if all goes well, the baby will arrive in early March next year! Whoo-hooooooh crap wait I'm doing two comics, damn. Yeah. Obviously, this is going to have Repercussions.

So. Here's the plan.

Spare Keys is currently in the middle of a story, which will end at some point in January. From then on SK will be on hiatus, and I will be concentrating exclusively on Kaspall.

The ideal would be to finish the next scene before the baby arrives - which will resolve most of the key plot points, and 'just' (ahem) leave the tidying up and conclusion. Which should be possible in the time, but may not happen due to ... I don't even know, could be anything. Still, I will be doing my best.

Once the baby does arrive (whatever point the comic may be at), both SK and Kaspall will be on hiatus for at least the first three months. Even if I do get time to do some comicking - which seems unlikely - I'll save the pages up rather than posting them. Depending on how things go, they may well be on hiatus for longer. It kind of sucks to not be able to be more definite than that, but I think everyone knows I'd be stupid to try and pin things down.

When I come off hiatus, Kaspall will restart first, and I plan to work on it until it's finished, before restarting SK. That way, I'm only working on one comic at a time, and may be able to maintain something at least approaching a page a week schedule. Though I may still do an SK short or something, just as a change and to keep the characters awake.

Anyway. That's the plan. Will it actually happen like that? I have no idea ... I'm afraid you guys may well have to have be patient with me ... but whatever happens I'll always aim to keep you updated. Just, you know ... not so much the comics ...

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