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I do a fair bit of random sketching and drawing, though that's reduced quite a lot since I started doing this webcomic. Some of the pictures here are of characters from the story, but quite a few are just me messing about. If I get what I think is a good idea, but have no clue as to how I could make a story out of it, I usually just draw a picture. That way I get reminded every time I flick back through my sketch book, and hopefully it eventually gets used (if not, at least I got some drawing practice).


As you might expect, these are all pictures of characters and such from the comic.

House Just a Splash Alex with Candle Cocktail Cloud coat Sam Your Kneecaps Are Mine Postmortem Sam and Alex Grin Cracks City Sam Colour 1 Sam Colour 2 Alex Caroline Sam Alex Hazel Sam Harry Claudia Caroline Leela Professor Jaiva The Captain Avril Issac Tyro Caroline Lazell Page of Wands Alex With Box Mr. Rondin flying Harry with takeaway menu Mr. Rondin shopping Joe smoking Hazel With Broom Rainy Day 
in the Library Wired


And these are of whatever else I fancied drawing at the time.

Tree Cucoon Ache Dora Drowned Vine Elizabethan Martin Pine Forest Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Girl Girl Colour Boy Boy Colour Face Brush Sketch Whiteout Longest Night Timmy Balloon Head Arabella Hair Window Numb A visitor Can Coffee Hoodie Beach Gothbunnies Imp Leaving Work On Thursday Night A Dark Hall Cold

Reader Art

USS Kaspall Jessica 18 whiskies Autsa edit Anezka's Veritarc Rhan's Veritarc Rhan's Mr. Jumpy Speear's Harry Conan's OWR Conan's OWR Rhan's Sam Caitlin Crowley's Captain (plus extras)

Pre-Kaspall Sketches

This stuff is pretty ropey, but all this pictures have something about them that I like. As you may guess, they were drawn before I started on the comic properly.

Garden Caroline Claudia Field Mouse Characters Mole Praying Geography

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