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- About -

Kaspall is a complete anthro / fantasy / crime graphic novel, which ran from 2005 to 2015.

RATING: Mature, I suppose? There's a fair bit of swearing, some violence and the occasional dead body.
AUTHOR: Lucy Lyall. She wrote and illustrated this comic because no-one else would do it for her.

The city of Kaspall has always been a magnet for the bizarre, but lately things have taken a nasty turn in the West Quay district. Someone is getting away with murder. Finding the killer is no easy task when there's no connection between the victims and the only witness has apparently lost her marbles.

Is it a local? One of the hundreds of Off-Worlders flooding the city? Or is it something even more strange? The Captain and Harry want answers, but first they need to ask the right questions.

Meanwhile, landlady Hazel Karswell has taken in a new tenant - a newly arrived Off-Worlder - who may cause rather more trouble than she expects; both for herself and everyone else who shares her home.

This is a mystery story, so you should probably


The following is an except from the
Off-Worlder Registration Induction Booklet (page 1)

[Translations are available on request for the languages listed on pages 20-26]

"I know what you're thinking.

'Why am I here? What did I do wrong? Am I cursed? I wish I could just die.'

And yes, it's true that you're alone in a strange city, separated from everyone you love, with no hope of ever seeing them again.

But this could be the chance of a lifetime! Think of it, here you are, standing in one of the greatest cities in existence, real or otherwise*! You've been given something other people only dream of - a completely fresh start, in a world where anything is possible! I want to see all of you grasp that opportunity and make the most of it!

And always remember, we're here to help you**."

        - [welcoming speech given by the first Director of the O.W.R. on 27L05L18.]

*Disclaimer: This is an expression of civic pride only, and should not be taken as fact. Other cities are available, many of them with central heating and better sanitary arrangements.

**Once you have left the building, the O.W.R. takes no responsibility for your health and / or safety. We advise keeping your doors locked, though cannot guarantee this will make any difference. The police can be contacted at any time via mirror-view, please scream to be connected.

Welcome to Kaspall!