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Character Q&A

Maybe you have a burning desire to ask Claudia where she gets her shoes? Or you want Hazel's advice on poisoning your husband? Perhaps you want to know what the hell Sam's problem is. Well, this is your chance to ask. You can even ask who done it - though please don't expect a straight answer.

Email me your question to kaspall(at)xepher(dot)net, with the subject line 'Character Q&A' so I don't get confused. I'll draw a strip where the cast will give you ... some form of answer ... and email it back to you. Unlike the first two below, it will be inked.

I will usually use the strips as vote incentives, but later it'll end up posted here, with a link to your website if you have one (and remember to tell me about it, obviously ...).

Questions posted so far:
'Where are my keys?'
'What's the meaning of life?'
'Stranded on a desert island, one of you must become food for the rest. Who would it be?'
'Why do some rocks look green in water, and brown when they dry out?'
'To Private Tiger - Don't you think it's rather rude to pop into just one of my dreams and then never again?'
'Why is my car red, when I prefer blue?'
'Why does Caroline keep saying 'Circle'?'
'Do any of you play music?'
'Alex - can you name some personal interests, hobbies ... anything that generally makes you happy?'
'To Anyone Who Wants to Answer - You're asked to draw a comic about your author. Who draws it, and what's it about?'

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Tom's site - Animal Vegetable Mineral

Delphina's site - Sombulus

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