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I've spent the last week going through all the junk I left in my parents house. And wow, there was a lot of it. The hardest job was going through all the old drawings. I didn't realise quite how many trees I've killed over the years. Anyway, just for the hell of it, I've decided to put some of them up here. Not the hideously embarrassing ones, as I'm not a complete masochist. But we are going waaaaaay back with some of this stuff, so be prepared for some *ahem* less than competent artwork.

First off, dragons! Because ohmygod dragons are so great! I will draw them repeatedly! They will have adventures and even sometimes get coloured in! Only extra special things get coloured in! In other news - unicorns suck. Honestly, who would pick was is essentially a horse, over a massive fire-breathing lizard that can talk and fly and possibly eats people?! Not me, that is for sure!

Oh, though I did find one picture of a unicorn. It had wings and was breathing fire.

Next, what may either be a street scene, or a very busy corridor. The complete lack of background makes it rather difficult to tell. Yes, those were the days - when I didn't have to worry about backgrounds, perspective, or any of that rubbish. In fact, I'm not sure about the entire scale of this thing, as the mouse on roller-skates appears to be juggling a pimento olive and a sugar cube for some reason.

Some kind of 1920s fox woman with a cocktail? Booze worked its way into my drawings surprisingly early on.

Okay, improving a bit now. Ah, yes, witches. There was a fairly big witch phase, though I was never entirely happy with the pointy hat thing. Still, at least it was black. I couldn't cope with those stupid wizard hats at all.
I'm mainly putting this in because I love the frogs.

Oh hey, you know what else is cool? Chicks with weapons! Lots of weapons! And killer heels, of course. Ladies, if you ever fancy taking up bounty-hunting or whatever, I'm fairly sure those boots are not practical footwear. And the belly-button ring is just asking for trouble.

God, what is up with her arm? That's not ... right.

I'd forgotten about the robot mouse. When you think about it, it does make sense. I mean, if you were a mouse. Who was making a robot. I may have to put one of these in the background of a page. I'm surprised at the adorable little girl though - not my style at all. I imagine she was evil in some way.

What. The. Fuck.
I'm pretty sure I drew this at school in a series of rather dull history lessons. I do not want to hear any psychological interpretations. Why ... why does it have ... some kind of takeaway drink with a bendy straw?

A relatively new old picture of Claudia. Dressed like an extra from Tank Girl.
You know, considering the amount of blood-thirsty shit I drew, I'm amazed current Kaspall doesn't involve more in the way of heavy-duty weaponry and awesome kick-ass battles.

And finally ... I found a few things I regret not finishing.
This one, for instance.

In addition to all the drawings, there was also a huge amount of writing.
Yes, I have kept some - but you will never, ever see it.

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