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20151115 - Spare Keys return date

Well, the pic gives the headline, but if you want further details ... initially I was planning to bring SK back almost straight away after finishing Kaspall; however, I've spent a bit of time thinking about it, and I've decided to delay until the start of next year.

I have, amongst other things, an imminent house-move (with toddler :/) to prepare for, plus the Christmas holidays coming up - and I know if I re-started the comic now, I would very shortly need to take breaks for both those events. I would rather use the time before Christmas to get these things sorted, and build up a bit of buffer if possible - then I can get going in the new year with a clear run and no 'break week' for a good while.

I'm planning to post a few pics of my progress on my Facebook, Twitter and G+ profiles, so feel free to follow there if you are interested! However, I most likely won't be posting any more content on either of my sites until I start updating SK again on the 7th Jan. I hope to see you then!

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