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20150628 - SF website

So, Lyall, what's your dumb excuse this week, huh?

Well, Angry Jeff, this week's excuse is twofold. Excuse one is work, but that's boring so *blows raspberry*. Excuse two is I got distracted doing stuff for the new Spiderforest website - which will hopefully be going live very soon, and is looking significantly more fancy than the current one! Oh, and for those interested, look out for news of an upcoming Spiderforest application season - most likely to start up in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, here's the bit of Kaspall promo art I did for the new site. I'm working on an Spare Keys one as well, which I will post when it's finished. Eventually.

Yeah whatever, when's the proper page going up, you slacker?
In a couple of days, hopefully. Now bugger off.
You suck.
Not as much as you.
I am you.
Well ... shit.

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