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20140817 - STUFF

I'm taking a short break, the next page update will be on Monday 1st September.

Okay, here are a few things to look at while I'm off ... firstly, the above is a character Q&A provided by delphina of Sombulus.

Secondly .... uh ....
Well, hchano of dream*scar linked this dollmaker a while ago. I'd never come across one before, so of course I had to waste a bit of time messing about with it. They didn't have any animal faces, but I did Claudia anyway, because that's pretty much the exact shade of orange I used to use when colouring in squirrel people at age 12.
Apologies if you find this all rather horrifying.

And thirdly, are you planning to go to SPX in Bethesda, Maryland? I have no idea where that is, but I'm assuming if you're thinking of going, then you do ...
If you are, there's going to be a Spiderforest table there, and amongst the other awesome stuff on sale, there will be some prints by SF members - including myself! There is even a store up, if you would like to pre-order something - and as we have some great artists in the SF collective, there are some pretty damn fancy images available.
PLEASE NOTE THOUGH - these are ONLY available for pick up from SPX, so if you're not going, don't order! And if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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